Who-is-America.com is a conversation inspired by the book “We are America: A Tribute from the Heart”
by Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers.

It is a place for young people, especially, to share their visions and voices about what it means to be an
American today. Our country is the product of great debates and conversations. The discussion that started
in dissatisfied printing houses and public meeting places in the colonies, has continued in hushed tones in
slave quarters, in Congress, on ships sailing for Ellis Island, on street corners in Seneca Falls, under the hot
sun of fruit fields in California, and on the internet. This discussion, this openness, this debate is the heart
of what makes our country great.

Who-is-America.com is a destination for young people who are just starting to understand that they, too
are America, and that their fresh voices, their disagreements and discussions are the foundations upon which
our country’s future will be built.