We are America is a new book by Walter Dean Myers and his son Christopher Myers. It is a celebration of
America today, a discussion of what it means to be a part of the rich, complicated, beautiful experiment
that is the United States.

Walter Dean Myers’ poetry, which has been compared to Whitman and Langston Hughes, interacts with
quotes from great Americans and other notables from Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Douglass to Tecumseh
and Barbara Jordan.

Christopher Myers’ paintings, inspired by the grand narrative muralists like Thomas Hart Benton and Diego
Rivera, juxtapose historical scenes to highlight important themes of the American experience such as immigration,
protest, western expansion, and labor.

Both Walter and Christopher are excited and proud to have added their voices to the conversation that is The
United States. They hope that the book can be used to continue this conversation at dinner tables and in
classrooms across the country.

This website is a way to include even more voices in the discussion, especially the voices of young people.
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